IHS Football Hosts Two Day Youth Camp

The Eagle football team and coaching staff wrapped up a two day youth camp on June 21st.

unspecified-3This camp was open to the entire community of athletes ages 7 years old on up to rising 8th graders.  We had over 130 youth participate.

We are thankful for the 35 player coaches that came out to assist our 8 IHS coaches and the 3 Heritage coaches that joined us as well. We appreciate your dedication and time to support our community.

The two day camp focused on the fundamentals of both sides of the ball. It gave every attendee an opportunity to be on offense and defense.  All the drills gave specific knowledge to each position being highlighted.  There was also an obstacle course, speed and agility drills plus plenty of water breaks to keep everyone safe in the heat. The last day allowed the attendees to break into teams and run a 7 on 7 scrimmage to apply the skills that they had learned.

unspecified-1The first day wrapped up with a guest appearance from our own Assistant Principal Kevin Dyson, former Tennessee Titan football player. Mr Dyson spoke about the importance of not taking the opportunity to attend events such as the youth camp for granted.  Hard work, dedication and giving your best effort 100% of the time will lead you to greatness both on and off the field.
The second day guests feature The Katinas. (www.thekatinas.com). The five brothers that make up the award winning Christian band Sam, Joe, James, John and Jesse all attended our final day. No only do the brothers have a way of cutting through the noise of life straight into your heart, Joe Katina spoke to our campers about “What is the HEART of a Champion?”



H  a hungry heart for success to want to be a champion

E   expect greatness from yourself at all times

A   be appreciative and thankful for every day and every opportunity placed before you

R   be respectful, respect others for who they are and most importantly respect girls

T   have a teachable heart and be open to learn at every moment

Ask yourself every day, do you have the HEART of a champion?

unspecified-5The Indy Touchdown club, coaches and players would like to thank our sponsors for our FREE youth 2016 camp.

The Katinas

NC Entertainment Production Company

Koi Sushi and Thai

We’ll see you next year!