COMMITTEE 2024-02-16T15:10:27-06:00


2024 – 2025 Board

Chairman | Danica Giffen
Vice Chairman | Keith Brawner
Treasurer | Tamara Lawrence
Co – Secretaries | Amy Baumann & Diane Hubert
Head Coach | Scott Stidham

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In Recognition Of Service On TDC, Here Is A List Of Past Officers
(in order – chairman/president, vice chairman/vice president, treasurer, secretary)

2023 / Danica Giffen, Keith Brawner. Tamara Lawrence, Diannah Kirton

2022 / Brandi Holloway, Ray King, Tamara Lawrence, Diannah Kirton
2021 / Brandi Holloway, Ray King, Tamara Lawrence, Diannah Kirton
2020 / Paul Downing, Ray King, Rock Upchurch, Brandi Holloway
2019 / Paul Downing, Ray King, Brian Pierce, Brandi Holloway
2018 / Randy Smith, Eric Jackson, Michele Pratt, Jennifer Jones
2015 / Scott McReynolds, Amy Weathers, Randy Smith, Michele Pratt, Jennifer Jones
2014  /  Chip Leake, Scott McReynolds, Jimmy Davis, Karen Newberg
2013  /  Chip Leake, Jeff Swayze, Jimmy Davis, Susan Dunn
2012  /  Chip Leake, Jeff Swayze, Jim Murray, Susan Dunn
2011  /  Chip Leake, Jeff Swayze, Jim Murray, Sheila Swayze
2010  /  Chip Leake, Steve Wade, Jim Murray, Sheila Swayze
2009  /  Chip Leake, Tim Stannard, Jim Murray, Sheila Swayze
2008  /  Steve Wheatcraft, Tim Stannard, Kevin Reid, Chip Leake
2007  /  Steve Wheatcraft, Tony Consiglio, Kevin Reid, Wes Parker
2006  /  Tony Consiglio, Greg Stout, Wes Parker, Angie Carr
2005  /  Tony Consiglio, Bob Carr, Wes Parker, Sue Conley