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 Here are a few of the things the IHS Touchdown Committee has provided to the team and our supporters.

As you can see, this is quite a list of accomplishments that benefit our players!  Thank you to everyone who donates their time and money.
Together we make our players safer, smarter, bigger, stronger, and more competitive!

New Home Game Jerseys
Alternate Green Home Jerseys
 Mid-Field Eagle Head Stencil
 Painting the Locker Room Floor
 Locker Room Sound System
 Plasma TV for Watching Game Footage
 Portable Water Power Drinker
 A 2nd Portable Water Power Drinker
Reel Mower
 Football Camp Needs, Food and Awards
 Funding the Tommy Johnson Scholarship
Sideline and Field Repair
 New Camera and DVD Player
  Blocking Shed
 Football Programs
 JUGS Passing Machine
 Coaches Game Shirts and Warm Ups
 Player Apparel 
Gold Game Day Undershirts
 Hoodies and Pants
 Off Season Workout T-Shirts
 Team Building Activities
(Movies, Bowling, etc.)
 Port-a-John on the Practice Field
 Goal Post Flags
 Chartered Bus to AWAY playoff games
 Digital Sports Video Equipment for Editing Game Film
7 x 7 Tournament Fees
 Half-Time Fruit
  Gatorade During Games and Practices
 Sideline Team Tarp
Two Team Field Benches
 Practice Tackling Machine
 Lineman Chute
 Pop-Up Dummies
 Storage Shed
 Tackling Machine
 Blocking Sled
 Half Owner of Gator, Painting, and Upkeep
 Football Banquet
 Football End-Of-Year Awards
 Field Paint